The modern commercial cooking area serves up a smorgasbord of potential fire hazards 

Cooking appliances today allow for the potentially dangerous mixture of flammable oils and greases with high efficiency heat sources, creating an environment in which fire is always a threat. Ventilating systems deposit grease from exhausted vapors throughout the hood, filters and ducts. Power and gas add fuel to the hazard area, and must be shut off in case of fire. Alarms and other electrical devices must be activated. The Pyro Chem KITCHEN KNIGHT II system can protect all these diverse hazard areas and perform all the necessary auxiliary functions.


Pyro Chem KITCHEN KNIGHT II systems offer a complete menu of cost effective fire protection component

  • Automatic detection and actuation controls provide 24-hour protection.
  • Dedicated manual pull station allows immediate actuation at first sign of fire.
  • Fully assembled and 100% tested mechanical control head, cylinder valve, and gas shut-off valve provide reliable operation.
  • Flexible piping configuration allow for a streamlined design that will not interfere with kitchen work flow.
  • Protective chrome nozzle caps help protect against contamination and blockage by grease or other cooking byproducts.
  • the KITCHEN KNIGHT II system is available in a variety of sizes economically suited to fit specific needs, and designed with the flexibility to accommodate changes to appliance layout or the expansion of cooking area.